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Clivet at InstallerShow '23

27-29th June at NEC, Birmingham

Clivet is excited to announce that we will participate in the InstallerShow 2023, the UK's largest events for heat, water, air and energy technology professionals.

Visit us at STAND G130 and check out our innovative product range.
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External air-to-water packaged monobloc hybrid heat pump

heating, cooling and domestic hot water:

  • installed outdoors, no indoor unit is required;
  • suitable for harsh climates, excellent performance in the coldest of times: it provides water at high temperature even when the thermometer drops as low as -25°C in winter!
  • high temperature distribution can be used: water up to 65°C;
  • management via the dedicated MSmartLife App or via the Modbus port with ELFOControl3 EVO included as standard;
  • also available in the HYBRID VERSION

Control4 NRG

Your energy assistant for the smart management of comfort at home

The entire system at your fingertips: 

  • The heart of the home: a centralised Class A control system that gives you control of energy usage room by room;
  • Simultaneous management of up to 12 independent climate zones;
  • Integration with photovoltaic systems and with Clivet Sinergy energy storage system;
  • WiFi connected with automatic updates.
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New, clean and fresh air at home

  • renewal and purification of air
  • eliminates moults, odours, virus, pollens, batterias and fine dusts
  • ceiling installation in only 29 cm
  • air volumes from 125 to 500m3/h, air renewal in rooms up to 300 m2 
  • during mid-seasons maintains comfort in complete autonomy


Split with hiwall indoor unit

Why choose CRISTALLO?

  • Smart management as standard: via smartphone with the NetHome Plus app and voice control setup with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant 
  • Clean, rounded and elegant design
  • Single Split/MULTISplit compatible


  • multi-directional airflow
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Ductable indoor unit for MULTISplit Systems

Why choose DUCT 2?

  • MULTISplit/Light Commercial compatible
  • Constant airflow function: the fan adapts the static pressure to the pressure drops
  • Air return from the back or from below modifiable directly from the building site
  • Integrated consensate disacharge pump, 750mm H2O of static pressure


  • constant airflow control
  • build-in drain pump
  • flexible installation


Split with hiwall indoor unit

Why choosing HYDRO-M?

  • Smart management as standard: via smartphone with the NetHome Plus App
  • Compact and easy to install module
  • Production of hot water for Heating or Domestic Hot Water (in combination with DHW cylinder)
  • Combination with other indoor air units
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Electricity storage system

The SINERGY storage system is the solution for storing electric energy produced by photovoltaic panels during the day and using it during the evening and night, thereby allowing the heat pump system to work entirely autonomously and turning the home into a completely self-sufficient system.

  • 5kW single-phase hybrid inverter with direct DC input for connecting photovoltaic panels up to 6.5kW
  • high reliability with up to 10,000 charging/discharging cycles;
  • extended temperature range from -25°C up to 55°C, IP65 degree of protection;
  • “anti-islanding” safety system to protect network operators in the event of a fault intervention;
  • back-up output to power service loads in the event of a power failure;
  • integrated battery recharge system.


Air source heat recovery outdoor unit

VRF MV6R can perform both cooling and heating operation simultaneously and independently within the same system, ensuring the maximum operating flexibility for the users.
  • High efficiency;
  • Wide application range;
  • High Reliability;
  • Enhanced Comfort;
  • Easy Installation and Service;
  • Suitable for any application.
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New generation indoor units for VRF systems

  • Compact design requiring little space for installation;
  • 7 fan speed for maximum comfort;
  • Panel design provides strong airflow circulation to cool or heat every corner of a room;
  • Reserved outside air intake port allows outdoor air to be introduced directly into the unit, removing the need for a separate ventilation system;
  • Connecting a sub-duct enables an indoor unit to be used to also cool a smaller nearby space.